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Participants review the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations regarding rigging and hoisting, and learn correct safe rigging practices. Safety in rigging is taught through a hands on approach. Load weight calculations, wire rope and rigging hardware, slings and sling angles are also covered in this course.  

This training complies with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 1996 Part XIV Rigging and successful participants receive an official WTTI Basic Rigging certificate.

Course Outline

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

  1. How to use OHSA and Regulations.
  2. CSA Z150 Standards.
  3. ASME Standards.


  1. Hand signals.
  2. Radio communication.

High Voltage

  1. Limits of approach.
  2. Precautions.
  3. What to do when contact is made.

Load Weights

  1. How to calculate load-weights.

Wire Rope and Rigging Hardware

  1. Rigging hardware and slings.
  2. Types of wire rope.
  3. Types of hitches.
  4. Uses of rigging components.
  5. Inspection of components.

Slings and Sling Angles

  1. Types of slings.
  2. Types of hitches.
  3. Demonstration of angles.
  4. Calculating load on slings.

Two Crane Lifts and Centre of Gravity

  1. How to calculate load in two crane-lifts.
  2. Finding the centre of gravity.


  1. Theory exams and individual practical evaluations conducted and signed off by Interprovincial Journeyman instructor.