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Boom Truck Operator


  • Boom Truck A operators operate and maintain truck mounted crane devices that can be mounted on a turret, incorporate a power drum and wire rope,have a boom capable of swinging and booming up and down, and may have a telescopic or articulating boom.
  • Boom Truck A Operator apprentices or tradespeople operate boom trucks over 15.5 tons and are certified to operate Boom Truck B.
  • Boom Truck Operator A is considered a subtrade of the Mobile Crane Operator trade.

Training Requirements

To graduate from each level of the apprenticeship program, an apprentice must successfully complete the required technical training and compile enough on-the-job experience to total at least 1500 hours each year. Total trade time required is 3000 hours and at least 2 years in the trade.

WTTI delivers two levels of technical training in various locations around the province:

  • Level One: 14 days over 4 months in-class with online component (blended)
  • Level Two: 5 days over one week in-class or delivered online

Course Content

Level 1 

  1. Safety
  2. Rigging
  3. Load Weigh Calculations
  4. Load Charts
  5. Boom Truck Operations

Level 2

  1. Pre-Operational Checks, Inspections & Maintenance
  2. Boom Truck Setup
  3. Safety Tools & Equipment
  4. Rigging
  5. Load Chart Calculations
  6. Load Charts
  7. Boom Truck Operations


What People are Saying

Instructor taught the class very well. It was easy to follow along. All questions were answered.


Andrew Freed

Great class discussions. The explanations of theories applied to the field were helpful.

Matt Doom