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Mobile Crane

Competent Operator


  • Mobile Crane Operators operate mobile cranes to lift, move, position and place materials and equipment. They perform pre-operational inspections. They calculate crane capacities, determine load weight, and set up, position and stabilize the crane before the lift. Mobile Crane Operators have the additional responsibilities of disassembling, traveling and transporting mobile cranes. 
  • Training is customized for the type of crane and service application of the employer.
  • Typically the first 2-3 days are theory of rigging and operation of the crane followed by an written exam. The next 1-2 days will be practical training on pre-trip inspection, operation and communication signals followed by a practical exam.
  • Upon completion the employer will receive a copy of certificates and the participants receive a wallet card certificate.
  • Refresher training can be provided with proof of prior training. This includes more advanced rigging calculations and operation instruction as well as a practical component.

Course Content

All WTTI training includes OHS & Industry Standards, Communication Signals, Working near High Voltage, Wire Rope, Rigging Hardware, Sling Applications, Calculating Load Weights, Parts of Line and Sling Angle Calculations. 

Specific content includes:

  1. Personal Protection Equipment
  2. Types of Cranes
  3. Crane Terminology 
  4. Crane Components
  5. Conditions Affecting Capacity
  6. Per-Inspection & Operation
  7. Crane Setup
  8. Model Specific Load Charts

What People are Saying

Lots of great information to take into the work field.

Jorie Dull

Instructor explained information well and took time to encourage questions.

R Kriewaldt

The instructor was an actual field operator and could relate real life to the course.

Stu Yamish